Happy New Year! It is now time to celebrate new beginnings while learning to write out the shiny new year of 2020. I still think that September seems like a better time for celebrating the start of a new year. Or spring also seems like a better time, with new growth and the start of new life. With cold weather and short days, it seems hard to get excited about starting fresh, especially after a busy holiday season. Yet somehow we manage to get excited and plan for the start of new adventures, work, romances and other stuff.

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I am working on identifying things I’d like to achieve and setting a schedule for moving towards my goals. My aim is to meet deadlines this year, but I know that may not always work out.  As I review my goals for the year, I have had to look deeply into myself and my interest in writing. I have several projects to work on and more ideas, but I’ve found it very difficult to make progress on them, even when I have some spare time. I’ve been wondering if I it’s time to let my writing go and move to some other hobby or interest.

After a break from my day job and a chance to step back from a frantic life, I find myself still interested in writing and willing to plan out a schedule for completing projects. I will be changing one aspect, I will be focused more on my internal goals and not so much on dollars received. Whether I am paid or not, I will write so I might as well write for enjoyment for myself. I am glad there are people who like my writing, it does help me to keep going.

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As part of that change, I will be investigating other ways to share my writing besides social media. My eventual goal is to move away from these platforms to one where I am confident of the control I exercise over my work.  The transition will be gradual and I will provide updates as I work through my research.

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In the meantime, I hope everyone’s year has started off well and thank you for reading my articles. May the coming year be happy and fulfilled for everyone!

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