A Sunday evening very different from others in my life. My family is fortunate, our life hasn't changed much for the moment, yet I look at the world with different eyes. Only a few weeks ago I took it for granted that I could go to a store to pick up a few items. I worried about our bills and juggling funds. I groaned about getting up for work.

Now I take it for granted that I will be staying at home. I worry about my friends and family, especially those that have other health problems. I groan about the latest news about the virus. What seemed so important now seems like trivia, unimportant nuisances that I swat away while other things replace them.

I have always know that a single life can change rapidly to a new normal. I did not understand how quickly the entire world could switch into a very different way of being. What seemed so important, a necessity for my life, I now see as conveniences while I focus on the true necessities of family, friends, good health with a roof over our heads and food for our table.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and most importantly, stay home!