The world needs more grandmothers
(grandfathers too)
Old people with time to visit
In comfortable rooms with younger people.
Offering a cup of coffee or tea
Perhaps a shot of whiskey
Along with cookies or a slice of bread from a loaf fresh from the oven.

The old and young would sit in a safe place, just talking
A cramped kitchen, an oasis of warmth on a cold winter day,
A front porch at sunset, swatting at mosquitos, watching city life
The workroom out back, filled with tools and fishing poles, lined up neatly
A front room that needs dusting and cleaning
Another room filled with old furniture and solitude

Safe places where old and young feel secure
To talk about the world and life
Sharing successes and hearing "That's wonderful!"
Stammering out the failures and hearing "I'm sorry you had that happen"

Too many people don't have that
Safe place, that mix of young and old
Sharing bits of life together as time ticks by
Struggling to get by, fearful of what's outside
Or worse, inside the house they live in

We need grandparents who are gentle with the young
While keeping them reminded of what's important
The transitory nature of life,
The importance of laughter in the darkest of times.

They have lived it, they know it
They remember youth, the passion,
The certainty of success warring with the
Knowledge of failure,
To create Fear of the unknown when change occurs

We need more grandmothers (and grandfathers)
More time to spend with them
And to hear their stories sometimes filled with wisdom
To help ease the burden of our days
As change finds us in our life