I am enjoying the holiday week with my family so my normal blog post will be delayed a few days. Instead, here is my prayer for this day.

To a higher power, a divine being of love and light
On this day of thanks, I thank You for the good in my life
The roof over my head, the food on my table,
Time with my loved ones, my health,
Freedom from fear and my safety
In these troubling times.

I also pray that You remind me
To help with food, shelter, love and support
For those who don't have enough for their needs.
To listen to those who have not been heard
And help others to hear their voices.

To help create a community that is
Safe and secure for everyone
No matter their race, religion, gender and
Who they love.
Remind me to help make the world a better place
And to lift up everyone,
Not just those blessed by circumstances
Of birth and place in the world.