I'd like to share an additional way to keep up with news of people. If a person has a website there is a good chance they also have something called an RSS feed.

 An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a text feed of posts from a website.  An RSS reader can read the text from a website and render it to look like the web page.  With the possible implosion of the bird site, I have slowly been gathering lists of people I want to continue to follow.

 I also feel a bit slow on the uptake because I had been wondering about an RSS reader that I could use while I had one built into software I'm already using.  Email programs, like Outlook and Thunderbird, have the ability to read RSS feeds built into the software.

 A label for RSS feed will be displayed in your inbox. Right click in Outlook to get the following menu. Paste in the link of the site with the RSS feed to add it to the RSS feed. Folders can be added for organization.

A screenshot of the RSS Feeds folder in Outlook with the right click menu displayed. The Add a New RSS Feed... option is highlighted.

 Many sites will display the RSS logo, as shown below. Hover over the link to copy the link so you can paste it into the RSS feed menu.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed icon - orange background, with a white circle in the lower left corner and two white quarter circles to the right of it.

 If there is no link, try typing rss after the main URL or rss.xml. For example, for our website you can access the RSS feed at https://www.shellcreekpublishing.com/rss.xml.

 Either a screen of text will be displayed or a file will be downloaded. If there is no error message you should be able to use that to get an RSS feed. When it is active in your email client, you should see unread messages. When a new post is posted at the website for the RSS feed, you should see an unread message mark next to the folder.

 Hope this helps out some people who want to continue seeing news from people that aren't on other social media sites that they want to follow.