Flowers after the rain

Late night thoughts, we made it through the stormy weather last weekend, with no damage. The flowers out front were flattened, but they have recovered. More importantly, all of our trees stayed up, including the big ones next to the power lines. The area is certainly green this year after all of this rain. And more rain forecast for this weekend! I'm starting to think about gardening but first we are going to have to come up with some rodent proofing for the beds. All of the critters have more than enough food this year, they don't need veggies from my garden.

I've also enjoyed night sounds, there are a lot of frogs in the area that let everyone know they are there. One of these evenings, I should record some video for playback. I will need to wait for it to warm up again, it's in the 40's this evening and I only heard a few of them singing. The other night when it was in the 60's there was a large chorus croaking away. Pleasant dreams for everyone.