Here are some practical tips I’ve thought over the last few weeks.

Men’s haircuts - I wanted to share that cutting men’s hair at home can be pretty easy, with the right equipment. I have cut my  son and my husband’s hair for the last 25+ years and it’s mostly worked out. I use a Wahl kit and they have some tutorials on their website. By using guide combs, you can cut hair a consistent length. If just starting out, I recommend using a slightly longer length and you can cut shorter if needed. Worst case, hair does grow back, eventually. :-)

Home made face masks - I’ve seen lots of tips for making face masks. My tip is to use white fabric, if possible. When washing the mask, bleach can be added for disinfectant purposes and white won’t fade when you use it. I learned this years ago when doing laundry for our motel, I would add a bit of bleach to every load of laundry for sheets, pillowcases and towels for disinfectant purposes. Hot water should also be used when washing these items.

Cleanup with rags - Rags can be used to wipe surfaces if you haven’t been able to purchase wipes for cleaning. Mix up a solution of water and some kind of cleaner that also disinfects. If the cleaner bottle does not say disinfect or kills germs, I’d look for something else. When you wash the rags, use hot water and bleach. Don’t use a fabric softener sheet, the chemicals used in the sheet also water proof items. When not using the fabric softener your rags will be more absorbent.

Like many others, my emotions have been in a roller coaster these last few weeks as the situation with COVID-19 changes daily. I realized today that this time is similar to the start of a war, with uncertainty and no clear end in site for the situation. I think of the US in the time immediately after Pearl Harbor and I suspect there was a similar aspect of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, sadness and other emotions as the country switched direction. My grandparents lived through four years of concern for loved ones in far away places, the uncertainty of events and the disruption of routine. This reminds me that I am here because they were able to work through the challenges and eventually move to the other side, to a time of peace instead of war.

A wish of good health to everyone and the strength to get through these next weeks.

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