White wIld lilac, Ceanthous, filling a bush

With all of the changes of the last year, they have caught up with me and I am finding it hard to get words down on the page. Normally I would have posted this on Thursday and here it is Sunday and I’m stil struggling with words. So I’ve decided to post this, as a way of sharing with others that it’s okay to not be productive in this very different time that we live in. Sometimes the best way to be productive is to take care of ourselves and take a step back from what can be an intense, emotional time.

Honey bee gathering pollen on daisy flower

View of clouds in sky through branches of tree with new leaves on it

I do have some photos from my son and photos I’ve taken to fill out this post. Enjoy the changing spring weather and take time for yourself.

View of sun through colored leaves on tree

Close up of purple flower for wild sage

Yellow flowers blooming on cactus

Photos by J.T. Harpster. Prints of selected photos can be purchased at https://shellcreek.redbubble.com/

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