We are now approaching the halfway point for April. I’ve looked over the calendar, and it’s a busy month. Easter will be on the 21st, we made it through April Fool’s day, Earth Day is on the 22nd and there are anniversaries for several historical events.

Closeup of cottontail rabbit, sitting under a bush

Sometimes it seems like the holidays are like stepping stones, providing a path for marking events while moving through a busy life. At other times, holidays seem like an intrusion, with expectations for socializing, preparation and celebrations that seem overwhelming. Either view depends on what other events a person is dealing with.

Easter basket shapped like rabbit

Holidays also provide a connection to the past, with memories of years when we had good times and not so good times. During the present, we have an opportunity to be grateful for what we have and that we have survived and are thriving in our life. With the events of the present, we build memories for the future, completing our connection with what we have been, who we are and who we will become.

Rock painted like Easter egg, leaning against a post

Easter is a time where we recognize that life can change and become new again, even after dark, gray days when we weren’t sure if things would change. Have a good April and Happy Easter!

Pictures by J.T. Harpster