The topics for my blogs are planned out in advance, with a faint hope that I might work ahead instead of scribbling something out the night before. My son and I are collaborating on topics and this week he suggested the theme of birthday, specifically my birthday. As of 12/5/2019, I have made it to another anniversary of the day of my birth, the earth has now traveled 0x39* revolutions around the sun since that day and it is time again to remember that  initial occurrence.Present wrapped with plaid paper with green bow

For a chance of pace, I am going to attempt to write something a bit sillier than usual. The year 2019 has been a very busy year with a bit of stress, for various reasons. As a result, I am realizing that my my humor has not been exercised quite enough and that perhaps I need to take it out for a walk, or maybe have my humor accompany me to the gym. Now I’m trying to picture what a workout for a sense of humor might be. Perhaps one class is a pundit lecturing on pundays, while a clown explains the intricacies of packing multiple clowns into a teeny-tiny car.

Birthday card for Mom

There might be a wardrobe with silly clothes, a kitchen with funny foods and a theater to watch comedians go through their routines. However, all of this planning sounds much too serious, so there would need to be a spontaneous room, where people would come in for the express purpose of acting silly, laughing kindly at jokes, and taking off their responsibilities and leaving them in a closet by the entrance.

Chocolate Birthday cake with cherry on top

With that thought, I believe I’ll go visit with our cat and quit kittening around here. Have a feline day!
*0x39 - My age expressed in the hexadecimal number system.

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