San Diego Trolley

This week I’m playing with the creation of a PDF for our book, “You Don’t Want to Go for a Ride”. Last night I was writing about my progress with PDF creation when I realized that it might help if I took a step back to see if there is another way to do things. I now have some new ideas to try and I found some templates for the book interior that will help. I also got an idea for the section headings to help break things up. I’m a little frustrated because I want to get a proof copy generated so I have to remind myself that the extra time will be worth it for the final product.. Lots of work to do but I think I have a path for moving forward.

Amtrak Train

I will be posting another blog article next week, it will be my review of two movies about autism, “Po” and “Life, Animated”. Watch this space on Thursday for the new post. :-)

Amtrak Caboose

Photos by J.T. Harpster