This week it is time to celebrate the bow tie! Yes, that symbol of a lack of fashion sense,the bow tie has a national holiday. My son was challenged in getting pictures for this special holiday, but he managed to find a subjects for his snapshots.

Teddy Bear with bow tie

With August winding down, bow ties somehow seem appropriate. This year, even though the weather isn’t as hot as it could be, I still find myself slowing down. The last few months have seemed hectic and out of place so it seems a good time for a break. I am getting a chance to rest but I am also returning to routines that were put aside when I felt overwhelmed by life.

This evening I watered plants out front and was grateful that the lavender I planted is still growing, in spite of hot weather, squirrels and rabbits. The sweet smell rose up from the few flowers as water filled the planter. It was quiet enough that I could hear a breeze rustling the pine branches and children playing some game in one of the neighbors yard.

Bow tie on Raggedy Andy outfit

After watering the plants, I noted tomatoes and peppers that will be ready to pick this weekend  for my lunches. Not a lot of tomatoes, still figuring out this gardening thing, but enough to add some flavor, especially when I add in fresh oregano and sweet basil for seasoning. After assessing the small garden, I sat on our porch for a break. I wanted a few moments to not think about schedules, chores, bills, what needs fixing, and all of the other odds and ends that keep my mind working over time. Felt a little odd to sit and not do anything. Instead, I listened as a bird chirped while flying by. I watched the hills turn reddish gold as the sun was slowly setting. I felt a sense of peace, a sense of connection with others who whisper their gratitude, chatt with old friends and take a break from all of the chores, noise and interruptions of a modern life.Teddy bear with bow tie

Soon enough, I’ll be busy, I have some house cleaning I want to do as summer moves into fall. I want to prune out things and make space for new activities and ideas. In the meantime, the peace of just being and of course celebrating bow ties, makes for a good end of summer. May everyone find a bit of peace before things are busy again.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster