Somehow, in spite of my best efforts, or possibly my worst, it is Christmas Eve, again. There is a box of Christmas cards, waiting to be signed, addressed and stamped. There is a Christmas tree and the stockings that are hung in our living room but the decorations for the rest of the house, not so much. As far as a clean house, well, I’m not the best housekeeper during the rest of the year, it’s probably best to not think too much about the clutter that is strewn about. Or the cat toys that I keep tripping over. Or the bits of torn wrapping paper with glitter that I swear is from our old house which we moved out of five years ago. Yes, I’d really prefer to not dwell on the cleanliness of our house.

Christmas Ornaments
But the Christmas tree is up, there are ornaments and even tree lights that come on with a timer every evening! And the tree has had water, mostly, and isn’t too dry. There are presents, several of them, under the tree, wrapped presents that haven’t been stuffed into a gift bag. Except for the Amazon presents, so almost all of the presents are wrapped. Yeah, there are those envelopes with gift cards and cash, so a few of the presents are wrapped and show that someone spent time and money in preparing for Christmas.

Christmas Ornament - Doll
Since it’s Christmas Eve, I’m busy mixing rolls together, preparing the vegetables and baking some more sweets in order to keep with the theme of the Eating Season. Only one more week of the Eating Season then it becomes the New Year Resolutions season, with dieting and exercise and becoming a fitter, leaner me ready to take on all of the New Year challenges! Er, maybe not so much by the middle of January, but you know, it’s hard to keep up those resolutions and what am I thinking, I’ve still need to make some biscuits, it’s Christmas Eve, where did the time go?

While I’m waiting for dough to cool, or waiting for something else to be ready, I’ll sit down, try not to nap and remember my Christmases past, when I was younger and the world was still new and fresh, not so-so, and kind of used up. A time when it took forever for Christmas to arrive, with the presents and the food and the celebrations. When I thought I might hear animals talking on Christmas Eve or hear angels singing praises and the stars looked like jewels set in the sky to celebrate the birth of the savior. I’ll doze and perhaps before I doze off, I’ll hear those songs in the distance, sweetly sung and the mountains echoing in reply. Not a perfect Christmas, but still a day to remember and keep in my heart for years to come.

Night Shot - Christmas Lights and Night sky

Merry Christmas everyone and may you find the wonder and the miracles of this time of year!