The last couple of weeks have been busy but I have taken a few moments here and there to enjoy the moment. Our weather is sunnier now and my sinuses are improving as well. I have had a couple of good workouts and enjoyed a walk on our trail. The yellow flowers are fading out and purple/violet is the strong theme for wild flowers. So far, my plants are surviving and the rabbits and squirrels haven’t eaten them yet. I planted marigolds on the edges of my gardens, I think they are helping to keep them away. Something to remember for future gardening.

Purple flower, closeup of flower center

There is a family of ground squirrels who live in a squirrel condominium they have dug in one of the hills outside of our house. I looked out last weekend and saw a mama or daddy squirrel and 5-6 young ones wandering around. The young ones were wandering around without a clue about hawks and other predators so mama was keeping an eye out. They have learned to run for home if someone approaches, so they aren’t completely clueless.   It was cute to watch one of them trying to climb a fence. He would slowly put a paw out, then slowly step forward and almost fall off. Another move forward, then twisting around and almost falling off again. . I am happy that most of our garden is fenced in, I want to enjoy our vegetables later in the summer, not find half eaten green tomatoes scattered about. I still remember a gang of squirrels running off a few years ago when I was checking my tomatoes.

Redy and Yellow daisy, closeup, bee on center

While I was at the gym, I had a moment of joy when a mom and her two small sons held the door open for me. One was a toddler and was trying to close the door while his older brother was holding it open. The toddler went with the flow and helped big brother keep the door open while I walked out. I thanked both of them and the mom, smiling at all of them. The mom was also smiling, and praised her sons too.

Closeup of cactus fruit, light purple

As I walked to the parking lot, I was struck by the thought that my thank was not just for the boys courtesy but also indirectly for their mom and other adults showing them how to do this act. I can also see this as a thank you for the future when they are men teaching courtesy to the next generation. It struck me that a small act, just a thank you, is showing respect for the past and encouragement for the future. A very powerful thing to do and yet it can seem so small. It was a nice reminder that small things can help to make big changes in many lives.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster