I am cooking, again, this time my lunches for the next month. Now that we have a big freezer I make big batches and freeze most of it. I am also mixing up a big batch of cookies once a month, then freezing three weeks worth. While I like to cook, it is nice that I've reduce how many times a month I do my cooking.

This batch of lunch stuff contains garlic, red onion, mushrooms, black beans, red pepper, green onions, snow peas, three different types of squash, bison meat, and tomatoes, including some fresh ones from the roadside stand by our house. I also threw in some fresh herbs from my garden along with some dried herbs on the shelf. I cook the garlic, onion, peppers, and mushrooms in olive oil, add water once they are softened up, then add everything else and let it simmer for at least a half hour. Then dish it up into Tupperware and freezer bags, put a weeks worth in the fridge, the rest into the freezer.

Now remembering to pull out my lunches before Monday morning each week is another challenge! Back to baking, one more batch of cookies to put in the oven, turn of my lunch stuff so it can cool, then time to clean up and get everything packaged up and put away.