Mask, New Year's Eve party hat and noise maker placed together with a green background

After a very different year, it can be difficult to believe that is finally time to retire the 2020 calendar and move to the next year. Sadly, there will be carry overs from 2020 into the new year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countries around the world. As I’ve watched the cases rise and fall, I am reminded of children that have to learn by their direct experience. In this case, the experience is all too similar to a child burning itself on a stove before they believe that it is too hot too touch. Right now we are experiencing the equivalent of touching the hot stove in order to find out that it will indeed burn us.

Three bottles of cider, wine and mead against a green background

Winter is settling in, and winter storms are occurring, even in our part of the country. We’ve received a welcome bit of rain to help alleviate our dry winter. Hopefully we will get a few more storms, although the weather forecasts are predicting a dryer year. I did enjoy a run in the rain this week, the cooler weather was greatly appreciated as well as the experience of having the path mostly to myself. It served as a nice break in a year of being cooped up at home. While the restrictions has not been a large change for my family, it is a change and we all look forward to getting back out and not worrying so much about our health.

Champagne glass with champagne against a beige background

I look forward to different topics to write about in this next year as we eventually push back against Covid. In the meantime, I wish a Happy and Healthy New Year for everyone as we shift from the holiday and eating season to the exercise and diet season. Happy New Year!

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