The main characters, Bill Regal and Ellen Goodwin were introduced in the first chapter of the book but they aren't the only ones trying to find aliens. The following is a short description of Charlie Ruffin, a software developer/hacker who joins the team in their quest for proof of alien life.

From Doing the E.T. Tango: Dancing with the Universe: Charlie Ruffin had led a simple, happy life since he moved to Washington, D.C. His job was interesting and his social life was a vast improvement over what he had experienced in his hometown of Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He made good money as a government consultant and thoroughly enjoyed his independence. He was on his way back to his apartment after a long day on network security for the latest in a long line of alphabet-soup agencies. With renewed federal interest in cyber-attacks, his experience as a hacker and coder was in big demand.

Charlie usually stopped by the gym or Starbucks before going home, but tonight he pushed his convertible through the city streets, slightly above the speed limit but away from the range that would trigger a patrolman’s radar. Normally he liked to go out and meet people, but this night his friends – and especially the young ladies with whom he most liked to pass the time – would have to wait to see him.

He spent a lot of time coding, but he also believed in staying fit. With his slim build, fine dishwater-blond hair, hazel eyes, pale face and rimmed glasses, he knew he wasn’t going to beat the bodybuilders in hunk factor, so he aimed for a cute look that might draw the ladies. He was proud of his progress in running and lifting, and felt he was doing as much as he could to respect his body and keep it in shape. Add to the mix that he was a coder who made lots of money, he was gradually building a list of women who were interested in keeping company with him. But they would have to wait until another evening to experience his Big Bang Theory-type humor.