With the days growing shorter, it is apparent that summer has wound down and a new season has started. The temperatures are still summer like during the day but with longer nights, it is easier to sleep in cooler weather. The open windows bring fresh air and are a welcome relief from a closed up house for air conditioning

Two mops side by side on tile floor

My work days are easing up slightly so I find myself looking around the house, eying projects that have been put off after a very busy year. Cleaning is normally associated with spring yet I’m swiping at dust that has somehow gathered on our furniture.

I’m also looking into drawers and closets at all of the things I’ve stuffed into them during busy times. It feels like it’s time to let go of of these items and move them out of the house and  my life. I’m ready for new things and I want to make space for them. However, it is hard to give away or throw some items out, even when the item has seen daylight for several years.

Cleaning products

I cleaned out two file cabinets this past weekend and I’ve made room for files for my writing. While I threw out or recycled many bits of paper, I did decide to save some of my old stories. I suspect there isn’t much to the stories but I want to review them to see if something could be salvaged. Since I threw out a lot of old paperwork, I feel like I have some room to keep these old files.

Broom, whisk broom and dust pan

It was hard throwing some of the paperwork away yet I felt a bit of happiness at seeing new space to store new items that I create. Perhaps I might even be finished by the time I should start spring cleaning. At least I will have a good head start for that time of year.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster. Prints and other items with his pictures on them can be purchased at https://shellcreek.redbubble.com