A scoop of vanilla ice cream on a counter with several ground herbs scattered around it.

With the marking of a new year, there is an opportunity for a fresh start. For some the fresh start is to eat healthier and exercise more. Others may choose to devote more time to a side hobby or explore a different way to make a living.

Bare planks of wood stacked on top of a counter

With a fresh start, there is the excitement of new things, new activities that are not related to the old. Even if a person has failed multiple times, had many different starting points, there is still the appeal that ‘This time I will get it right.’

Close up of a yellow marigold

It’s good to enjoy the newness while recognizing the value of persistence. Too often our plans don’t work out as expected and it is too easy to give up. It seems to be much harder to recognize our success, no matter how small. Perhaps a better way to look at a fresh start is to recognize that progress is incremental, mixed with successes and failures on our path to improve ourselves. 

Pictures taken by J.T. Harpster