Close up of white flower and pistils

I’ve started noticing lately how creative types have themes they repeat. This isn’t too surprising, I just think it’s more noticeable on social media and blogging sites. I know that older books also repeat themes, yet the stories and people are slightly different. The stories also tend to have different endings even though common themes are represented. With blogs and their informality, a conversational tone, it is easier to repeat themes and not change the details overly much.

Looking up a sycamore tree, towards the sun as it shines through the new leaf growth

For example, I tend to write about my observations of nature, and weather or relate my observations with life lessons. When I make myself aware of this behavior, I try to shift, at least for an article two. However, my habits, like a rubber band, all too easily snap back into old patterns. It is always easier to follow a path already worn down then to try and forge ahead on a new one. Although following that path can allow for change, with improvement on the topics, writing technique and other tools that I use.

Willow tree with new leaves in the foreground and a pond with ducks swimming in the background

With the changes in the season, the longer days, and signs of spring, I find, that at least for this bit of my writing, I want to shift a bit. I have to remind myself that I am expanding in other area, with book editing and short stories. I am continuing to learn skills to help with my writing. I also suspect that as the pandemic has less impact that it will become easier to stretch my writing a bit more.
In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our area as the season is busy changing. Spring and new growth is returning in many different ways.

A yellow daisy with a bee in the center gathering pollen to add to its load on its legs

A hummingbird sitting on its nest in the branch of an oak tree

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