For the last few days we have had rain, which is different. We’ve also had cold weather, although I don’t think it is as chilly as it was last year. At least that’s what my hips think since they don’t ache quite as much this year as last. I was able to take time off from work and I caught up on baking. I finished off with a batch of bread and lefsa, see pictures below for my lefsa making.

It is a Norwegian treat, similar to a tortilla, but only used for sweets, in my experience. It is dried out and can be stored for a few months. When you are ready to eat, you sprinkle some water on one of the rounds, and place it between damp tea towels in order to soften it. Once the lefsa is soft, you can then slather it with butter and dump sugar on it, roll it up and eat it. This is why I only make it this time of year. :-)

In between baking, I listened to the rain, drumming on our roof. I felt safe and warm in our house, a cozy feeling. When I looked out the window, to a mix of clouds and sunshine, the outdoors looked fresh and clean, ready for new beginnings of some type. Now it is the start of a new year, another type of beginning while sweeping out the old. I’m not quite sure what I might be starting, but I am ready for a change, a do-over, while sweeping out old ideas. Perhaps I will figure out what the newness will be in the next month or so, perhaps not. In the meantime, Happy New Year, I hope everyone finds that sense of newness to brighten up their corner of the world.

Lefsa Rolling PinLefsa Rolling Pin, Lefsa Stick and rolled out doughLefsa CookingCooked Lefsa