I’m writing this post on a quiet November evening, working to find words. Rain is drumming down on the roof, the first winter storm of the season, and I find myself relaxing in spite of stress at my day job. I am ready for a rest and next week I will take a few days off to spend time at home with my family.

Greeting Cards for birthdays

In spite of my time writing throughout my life, I have found myself at a stopping point, unsure if I’m doing the right thing. There are other activities I’d also like to do, yet I continue to find reasons to stop before I’ve even started. I suspect part of my problem is burn out from a busy life the last year and stress from the last few years. There is also a part of me that is reviewing my life and wondering if I’ve done important things that make a difference in the world.

Teddy bear

As I view the calendar and the short time left in the year, it feels like a time for reflection and a pause to look at what I have. Finding gratitude, in acceptance of myself for who I am and not for what I do. Accepting that I can just be, and gratitude that I have loving family and friends, good health and opportunities to continue growing as a person.

Plaque with saying "Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance?"

So, an odd way to reflect on gratitude and giving thanks for all that I do have in my life. With the bountiful harvest of family, friends, good work and possibilities, perhaps I can find a way to build on that for the future.

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