Many years ago, I started giving haircuts to my husband and son.  Our finances were tight and I found a tip about saving money by giving haircuts at home.  There was an initial investment in a razor with attachments but it paid for itself quickly. The razor set also had instructions for a basic haircut, which helped. My son was a toddler at the time who found it hard to sit still. He also did not like the sound or feel of a razor, which made it challenging to do a haircut in one sitting for him.

Barber Shop

Recently I was cutting my husband’s hair, and I noticed the differences that have occurred over the last twenty years. When I used to cut my husband’s hair, there was no gray hair and afterwards there was a large pile of hair on the floor. Now, the pile of hair is smaller and it is mostly gray. With my son, his hair was blond and there wasn’t that much hair to sweep up. Now the hair is darker and it takes a little longer to clean up.  

Razor, scissors, comb, razor attachment, cleaning brush

Just little reminders of time passing that I notice every now and then.  When I see them, I’m a little sad at how quickly the years go by. Yet, these moments also help me to appreciate and look for the joys that are in my lifetoday.   

Closeup of Razor, with hair on edges

Pictures by J.T. Harpster