Carved pumpkin, lit, next to plastic stone with glowing words Beware

For some reason this year we got our Halloween decorations out and put them up. We don't have a lot of items for this holiday, but it was a nice change of pace for us. We also got pumpkins and I carved one using a template from the internet. I took a few pictures of the pumpkin with our haunted rock next to it. The pumpkin is also doing well, I used a solution, Pumpkin Fresh, to help preserve it and prevent mold from growing. No mold showing up yet, the vendor said he had used it to preserve a pumpkin until Valentine's day the next year. Not sure if I will keep this carving quite that long, but good information for the future.

Carved pumpkin, litby candle

After taking pictures, I sat out for a minute, watching the stars and thinking about how spooky the moonless night could be to a child. In our neighborhood, it would be even spookier since we don't have street lights, just the lights from the houses, if they are turned on. While it is tempting to try and keep children from being frightened, perhaps children should be allowed times, like Halloween, to experience their fear and the success of overcoming it. ANd perhaps, what seems scary to an adult might seem matter of fact to a child.

Just my random thoughts as I enjoyed our quiet evening. I hope everyone else has had a good halloween too.Carved pumpkin, lit, next to plastic stone with glowing words Beware

Pictures by T.S. Harpster