Normally I would publish the next installment of the “Year 2038 Bug” story this week. Unfortunately, I have not written that installment yet, although I have the outline in my head. The next chapter, about Brian, is waiting for me to sit down and type it up. Since I have been busy working on another book, which I would like to finish soon, I have not been focused on Year 2038. I plan to work on the next chapter next week, and I will post it once it’s ready.

After I publish the next installment, I’m going to take a break in publishing the Year 2038 Bug on the blog.  I have a skeleton outline of the book in my head and I have been following it, but I am dissatisfied with the a lack of connection between chapters. I also also want to flesh out the character interactions and secondary characters instead of writing just the bare bones of the story.

Start of Runner's Race, 5K

For this and other reasons, I want to take a break so I can finish editing the other book and then spend time writing the next set of Year 2038 chapters and getting them in a better form before publishing. In the meantime, I will continue publishing shorter articles every two weeks while I work to get caught up. I anticipate that new chapters of Year 2038 will be published by the end of 2018.

Long distance picture of trail, runners

I have also been busy with other things, like running. I ran a 5K again this year and I improved my time by one minute. I’ve decided that I want to focus my workouts a bit more in order to improve my running for distance and speed. I feel like I’ve made some gains in the last year but I need to take some additional steps. I’m planning out my workouts and my goals for the next year. I’d like to run a 10K and I’ll need to break through a wall of the 5K and the difficulties I have. I’m recording my progress with my workouts and for the last month it has helped as I’ve worked through some muscle strain and potential injuries. In the meantime, I focus on my immediate goals and checking my progress.

FInish of Race

Enjoy the pics of the race that my son took, it was fun and I enjoy running on this trail. I will be working to run a slightly faster race next year.


Pictures by J.T. Harpster