My family is interested in photography and I taking pictures when out on walks. On one of these walks, I saw two signs next to each other that caused me to pause at the odd message. The top sign read “CLOSED” while the lower sign displayed in large letters “JOIN US!”. They caught my eye because of the implied contradiction. I wondered about times when I have said something, then contradicted myself. I suspect it has happened at least once or twice. :-)

The next sign, which is on our road, is “ROAD CLOSED”. A very clear sign and there are barriers just beyond that do indeed block the road. There is another sign like it at the turn off for our road, to warn people they can’t get through.

However, this evening, as I drove into our driveway, there was a car following me, in a hurry, who didn’t believe the sign at the turnoff. Only when he reached the sign just below my driveway did he realize the road is closed and he would not be able to continue. I’m guilty of this myself, it seems easier to see if an exception will be made for me, instead of believing the message I get from another person. I suspect I probably look as annoyed as that drive did this evening as he drove back on our road.