Faint rainbow viewed against clouds, with hills in the distance

The end of January is almost here, a month that has been an eventful start for 2021. In the meantime, Mother Nature continues her work, with nature sleeping in the cold, waiting to wake up for the spring. In some places, the plants and animals are resting beneath a blanket of snow, curled up and waiting for warmer weather before they awaken.

Grass with dew, rain in sunlight

In our part of the country, our weather has been warm and dry until this last week. I suspect the animals and plants are somewhat confused, as we’ve been experiencing the warmth of spring instead of the cold and wet of winter. Somehow, they find a way to adjust and bide their time until nature again awakens.

For myself, while I feel too cold at times, I am taking time to notice the cold, the rain, the green hills, and saving the memory for summer time. I also call up memories from last summer, of the hot weather, the constant whir of air conditioning bringing a taste of winter as we looked for escape from the heat. When I find myself uncomfortable with the current weather, I remember those times when I wanted the opposite, and try to enjoy the moment I am in, in spite of the discomfort from changes in temperature.

Large cloud in clear blue sky

Most of all, I enjoy the times of year when the weather is not too cold and not too hot, not too dry, and not too wet, the days of just right weather where everything seems fresh and clear. Enjoy the winter weather, all too soon it will change again and we will have new days to complain about or choose to enjoy.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster. Other of his pictures can be purchased at https://www.redbubble.com/people/shellcreek/