Comet Neowise in the sky at sunset

Last week I took a break from work, to rest up and clear my mind. Every now and then I need time off to reset and review things in my life. Part of the review this time involved my writing and a desire for change, for some type of transformation. I realized that I’m ready for a shift in the type of writing I do. I’ve enjoyed writing short stories over the last few months while I’ve struggled on these bi-weekly blogs.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction of 2020

After some thought, I am going to shift and write an additional short story each month instead of the two blogs a month. One short story will be free for viewing, the other will only be available to subscribers or our Patreon site. This will give me a break from the routine and allow me to practice other writing skills. I’m not sure where things will go, I do know that I want to keep writing. It seems like a good time to shift a bit and see where the shift takes me.

Lemonade Berry bush with ripe berries

I will continue posting pictures taken by my son and I will let them stand by themselves. We both appreciate the support we’ve gotten as we share our thoughts and views of the world. May everyone stay safe in these odd times we live in.

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