I defined my schedule a few months ago and it seems a bit frivolous to me to post this article considering what has been in the news lately. However, perhaps it is even more important to remember to take a moment out and keep things light hearted. I want to shine a light in the world and continue to create a feeling of home and safety even if times are troubled.

Squirrel looking out of its den

s I go through cycles of in my life, there is a point where I realize that I am taking myself too seriously. Life can be serious but I often forget that having fun is important too. With all of my focus on work, my family and getting a side business started, it is too easy to forget to lighten up, tell a few jokes and forget about the demands of the real world. Or, I need to take a break from adult responsibilities and treat my inner child to some play.  I always feel a lot better when I take these breaks and wonder why I didn’t take one sooner.

Self portrait of J.T. Harpster, with flash

I think I’ll blow some bubbles and use my box of 64 crayons to draw some pictures.  I can’t share the bubbles, but I’ll share one of my crayon drawings. My son has also helped out and provided me some pictures that I hope will bring a smile to your face.

Crayon Drawing of nearby hills


Pictures by J.T. Harpster

Drawing by Tamara Harpster