Today is a holiday and I’ve enjoyed a break from work. An odd break this year, it meant that I didn’t feel obligated to check work email while I’m at home, but it is a break from the normal routine. I’m also grateful that our temperatures have dropped down to just hot summer temperatures. After the readings I’ve seen on our outdoor thermometer, I thought I might need to get a block of ice to tape to the outside sensor so it wouldn’t melt. Although the ice block might have lasted 5-10 minutes, tops, it would’ve provided a short break for our very hot, record breaking temperatures of the last two days.

In the meantime, I am continuing with my plan to move my posts to another platform. Starting this week, I have a post appearing every day for paying subscribers. While I was busy gathering up these articles, I was reminded of technical articles that I used to write. I had forgotten about these articles and I enjoyed rereading my work from years ago. As a result, I plan to start writing new articles to address topics of using software and the web today. I think I can share information that will help people in navigating security, privacy and understanding computers. On Friday there will be a new article about password managers and other items about securing on-line accounts.

There are different level of subscriptions that include access to a monthly newsletter and a short story or longer essay. I’ve already posted one short story and I’ve started another one for next month. The news letter will include the latest news for Shell Creek Publishing and Behind the Scenes information about other projects. Since John and I have three books in editing stages right now, I will be posting about progress on those projects.

The new page is for Shell Creek Publishing and it can be found at I will still continue to post free. Thank you for your support and your comments. I have realized that I would still write but it is gratifying to share my writing and receive feedback from others.