I've updated the cover photo for the page, I wanted to share a pic of our new book. Forgive the dark picture, it is getting late and I turned off lights in the room so my glasses would have too much of a glint in a photo. Will work on a better version to post soon
.Autism book held up for view
I've been busy working to get book blurbs and I'm also looking into pre-ordering for the paperback version of the book. I'm also planning some things for August, such as a give away of two of our proof copies on Goodreads. Still working on this promotion stuff, there are a lot of possibilities and it takes me time to figure out what will work for us.
We are also working on having a vendor booth at a conference here in San Diego at the end of September, the Love and Autism conference. Once I get final confirmation, I will be posting news about that event too.
Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. And the real reason I posted a new photo is to show off my new hat, it's lovely to have for walks on the trail in the evenings. :-)