It is the middle of March and we are experiencing a rainy spell this week. Our weather has not been bad this winter, we’ve gotten some rain, mixed in with sunshine. Our hills are very green with all of the new vegetation and I see more wild flower blooming each week, along our trail and the highways. On the clear days, I notice the flowers, and buds and blossoms on trees as plant life soaks up the rain and sunshine.  Little reminders that spring is starting, at least in our part of the country.

Front of Blarney Stone Pub tavern in downtown San Diego

While on a run at the trail, I noticed that there were wild flower bushes with no blooms showing. I thought that perhaps they weren’t out because of cloudy weather. A little further up the trail, I did see the blooms and a dividing line between two sets of plants. It appeared that both sets of plants should be receiving the same amount of water, sun, etc, but some difference had caused one set to bloom before the other set. I suspect the difference is due to our micro climates, some small difference in temperature at night or during the day, that has slowed down one group of the wild flowers. Eventually they will bloom, in the meantime there was still a blaze of yellow to enjoy while I was out.

Green hat for St. Patricks Day, laying in yellow flowers and green paper

This spring has an added feature that I think we could all do without, with the COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the world. Based on what I’ve read, most people will not get too sick. However, due to how quickly the virus is spreading, the number of people who become very ill, usually with pneumonia, is likely to overwhelm health system if things don’t change to slow down the spread. As part of managing the spread, I suspect we will deal with inconveniences over the next few weeks that will be uncomfortable. It is frustrating to read about what’s happening and feel helpless to change things. My walks and runs outside help to remind me of what is important as I see the beauty of nature.

House of Ireland at Balboa Park

With the current events, I wish everyone good health and enjoyment of spring weather.

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