New bud, with leaf starting to show, on twig of tree

This time of year is normally associated with renewal, a sense of things starting fresh. This year the idea of renewal seems even more important after our last year of a pandemic and sheltering in place. The flowers, new growth, and sunny days seem special this year, a welcome sign that we are still here and still able to live our lives. Or a source of solace as we mourn the things we have lost, and the people who are no longer with us.

Mother hummingbird sitting on nest on tree branch

In our part of the country, the wild flowers are doing well, especially the yellow daisies. When I was out running this week, I have enjoyed the bright color on the hill sides of the trail. I keep checking on the hummingbird nest as well and the baby has hatched and is peeking out of the nest. I suspect it will be trying its wings very soon, with mama hovering close by for protection. Our weather was chilly the last few days, it’s good the nest is insulated against the cold weather.

California Poppy - orange color

My new beginnings will be another shift for my writing and adding items to my current schedule. I’ve been pleased with my success at meeting my goals, so it is time to add a new one for editing. I am mulling over what schedule I can setup that will work. I have new ideas for books and I’d like to get started on them. I want to finish editing, so that I don’t end up with too many projects that are incomplete.
I hope everyone has a chance for spring weather and to enjoy a sense of renewal. And to find whatever new beginnings they might need to move forward with your goals.

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