Looking down at the intersection of two freeways with buildings to one side

As this year unfolds changes continue to occur in my life. I am grateful the changes are not as momentous as events in the last two years. However, they are changes, both sad and happy, which I am gradually navigating.

View of the coast of southern california, looking out over the Pacific ocean towards the Los Angeles hills

I have also looked at ways to make changes, especially in my writing. I have ideas for other books but I find it challenging to get started on them. I realized my current practice of writing an article very two weeks might be usable for a non-fiction book. I can outline the topic and write articles every two weeks. When I complete the series of articles, I can assemble them into book format and  publish the collection. Editing can occur, to tie everything together and correct items missed for the initial publish. I tried this with a fiction book and I stopped part way through. I got stuck in the plot and realized that I needed to rewrite the chapters I had already published. With non-fiction topics there are fewer items that would require rewriting.

A dirt path turning left with bushes and trees on both sides

I have wanted to write a book about computers and how they work. My intent is to provide explanations of major components based on my experience in software development and computer administration. I want to look at the how and why of computers to help build a better understanding of their impact on how we do things. I’m looking forward to a change of pace and to see where things might go. I hope everyone will also enjoy this change of pace and new series.

Pictures taken by J.T. Harpster. Prints of his work can be purchased at Redbubble

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