Picture of daisy with yellow center

Spring continues, with changes in weather and temperature before we  settle into summer. Clouds roll by in the sky as a storm flows through, then the sky clears and hot weather holds sway as a literal warm up for summer. With our rains this year we have new growth, which is getting trimmed down before it overtakes the yard. Wild flowers continue to grow, adding new color after the drab tones of winter.

Pavilion with artwork and sculpture

The sunsets are tinted with extra color from skies cleared by rain and filled with fluff floating by carrying the remains of the storm. The pine tree in our front yard whispers with the evening breeze, casting shadows from the fading light. All with a colorful background of reddish shades from the setting sun. Stars peek in and out, flitting between the clouds in the night sky. The new moon stays out of the way, a small night light that doesn’t interfere with watching the dance of stars and planets, shaping the constellations.

Two story buildings for a downtown area

I come back inside the house, a pool of light from the lamp giving a warm glow to the front room. I can hear the ‘tick, tick’ of our wall clock and the faint sounds of a television in the distance. There is a stillness in the house, a peace that makes the evening cozy. I feel a sense of gratitude filling me, enjoying these simple pleasures and humbled at my good fortune at this time. I hope that everyone else is doing well and staying healthy.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster and Tamara Harpster

Lizard sunning on a rock


Closeup of orange wildflower

Closeup of small purple wildflower

Closeup of multiple blossoms of yellow wild flower

Closeup of new oak leaves budding out

Two california poppies

Wild sage flowers

White wild flowers in a bunch

White wild flowers