While the year continues to march on, the after affects of the pandemic also continue. One change, again, is that tax day was moved to May. COVID cases are dropping and people are starting to venture out and gradually perform the activities that have been on hold for the last year.

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For some, there is a hesitancy, because of concern about the illness and what it might do to them. Others found freedom during the close down due to accommodations for work from home. For the disabled, the modifications were a gift that increased their involvement with society. Because of this, they do not want to give up the changes that have improved their life. The last year was a time to pause and assess lifestyles. This assessment can lead to changes, good and bad, in how all of us participate in the world.

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This month seems to be a transition time, a time to move away from the focus of illness to one of health. Times of transition can be difficult, and a little scary at times. In addition, even if one’s family, home and finances were unaffected, there was a change. The world feels not quite as safe, or certain as it once might have. It is a time to make choices about what is truly important and how to move forward in life. There is time needed to mourn our losses, of people, activities, and the normal things we took for granted a little over a year ago.

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Somehow we need healing, for our mental and emotional well being. I am hopeful about the discussions I see about our future and changes that might become permanent. Our community, our support from others, that will help us to keep moving and find the healing we need. There are many people stepping up to bring light into the world. WIth this light and change, we can write a new and better chapter for everyone.

Pictures by J.T. Harpster. Prints of selected pictures can be found at Redbubble

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