For the last few years I have been working to incorporate the following into my life. With the events of the last few days, it seems appropriate to share my thoughts about these guidelines for living a healthier life.

Just for Today

  • I will not get angry
  • I will not worry
  • I will be filled with gratitude
  • I will show devotion to my duties
  • I will be kind to others and myself.

Here are my thoughts for each part of this verse.

  • Just for today - I focus on experiencing just this moment of time, just this day. I will not worry about the past or future, but focus on what I do today.
  • I will not get angry - I will not let anger master me, when I feel anger I will recognize the feeling, acknowledge it and let go of it. I recognize that anger may be a recognition of injustice or fear. I will use the energy of anger in positive ways to help others while letting go of the negative energy that could lead to striking out at others.
  • I will not worry - I will not let worry master me. I will recognize worry, acknowledge the feeling and let go of the worries. I recognize that worry is for the future, for the unknowns and my lack of control in the world.
  • I will be grateful - While I am in the moment, I will focus on the positive, letting go of the negative so that I can see what is right in my life instead of focusing on what is wrong.
  • I will show devotion to my duties - Each day I will do the best I can at the tasks for the day. I will also recognize that because of who I am I will not perform those tasks perfectly every day or complete all of the tasks I set out to do. I will endeavor to do the best I can and when I rest in the evening I will say that I have done the best I can for that day, with the tools I have and the abilities that I can utilize for my tasks.
  • I will be kind to myself and others - I will be kind to others for I do not know what problems they have and what obstacles they have overcome or are in the process of dealing with. I will be kind to myself and understand that I am a human being striving to do my best in spite of the obstacles I have had in life and those I will face in the future. Part of my kindness to myself is understanding that everyone has their own path and I may not be able to help them in the way I would like to. I will recognize that sometimes I must step away from a situation or people in order to perform the greatest kindness of allowing each of us to live our lives in the best way possible.

May everyone stay safe in this time of uncertainty.