View of reservoir and hill behind it

Every few weeks I write down topics for my blog articles and share them with my son. He uses the topics as guides for taking pictures which I pay him for.  When I write, I may follow the topic but it depends on my mood and events in my life at the time. This week’s topic is abundance and I’ve been struggling with what I could write about this topic.

View of hils around Poway California

This evening I finally recognized the abundance in my life due to some fortunate circumstances. I have already been grateful for having an income at this time and that my family is staying healthy. I have also been fortunate with some small monetary windfalls that are helping to ease my worries about finances at this time. Another small thing is with a game in the grocery stores, the monopoly game they have each year. With the change in shopping habits there are a lot of extra tickets so I have an abundance of them which I am checking for possible prizes. So when I took the time to look, I found abundance all around me. I suspect I should take time do look around at the good in  my life more often. Stay safe everyone.

Closeup of bee on Thistle flower

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