Mural of South Africa Black Leaders

This week, I felt stuck with my writing. Finally, while fixing a cup of tea and waiting for the tea kettle to whistle, I pondered on what to write about. I leaned against the counter, closing my eyes,  grateful to have a moment of time for myself. As I stood there, the thought of “Be Still”, came to me. So I continued leaning, letting go of all the things I felt I should be doing. Instead, I waited, allowing myself to just be without doing. For a few minutes, I didn’t think about work, or chores or writing and it was restful. Then the teakettle whistled, I made my cup of tea and started doing again.

Mural of Black Leaders

So here I am sharing that moment with you, that time in between all of the doing in order to just be. Have a good week and for those who have a holiday on Monday, enjoy the day off.

Mural of POC Leaders

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