Cloth Prop Plane, hanging for display

This week, one of the odd holidays seems very appropriate, Relaxation Day. Two weeks ago I had my surgery for sinus issues and I am recovering well. I had splints removed this week and it is very strange to be able to breathe without straining. However, once that happened, my body relaxed and let me know that I still needed to recover. I am sleeping fairly well at night, just need a few more nights of good rest. In addition, my son has been under the weather too, fortunately he had already taken pictures for my blog this week.

Cat laying on floor

I am rereading some children's books as a break from the news and gloom of the world. I recommend books by Thornton W. Burgess, a conservationist who wrote many books about animals and nature and was nicknamed the Bedtime Story man. He lived to be 91 and based on publish dates, it appears that he wrote until the end of his life. His early books are in the public domain so you can find them to read on-line. I have a couple of his books from my childhood, I have read the Adventures of Mrs. Quack and I’m working on the Adventures of Paddy Beaver.  It is refreshing to read about simpler problems.

WW II Prop Plane, hanging for display

Southwest Airlines flight in the air

Enjoy the photos from my sons for National Aviation Day and I’ve added a couple of my photos of our cat celebrating Relaxation day. Have a good week!

Cat going to sleep

Aviation photos - J.T. Harpster

Cat photos - Tamara Harpster