I have been busy the last couple of weeks but lots of ideas for my blog and posts running through my head. One quick post this evening, I am taking a new step in my workouts, I will be running in a 5K on May 6th. My goal is to run the entire distance, I am pretty sure I can do it but I'm glad I have a couple of weeks to continue working my distance. I have not run in a race since grade school so this is a milestone for myself. I won't be the fastest or most elegant runner but I do plan to finish, one way or another. And I'm already planning for a change in my workout to build up weak areas that I've noticed during my morning runs.

The run will be at the Lakeside's River Park Conservancy on dirt trails by the San Diego River., which is one of my favorite places to walk or run. Here are a few pictures from a walk along one of the trails. I was playing with filters on my camera so some of the shots may look a bit odd.