For those few who are following along, this is the last of the back stories, at least for the moment. This story is about Deidre and how she left home. I have enjoyed writing this section but I suspect that most of this will be pulled out of the final book or trimmed down quite a bit. I like to learn more about my characters but I’m not sure how well it will fit into the final story.

I will also admit that I am writing this story with somewhat of a software development focus. I am developing chapters and identifying them by the date and time so that they are meant to be separate capsules of the overall story. My intent is to have some freedom in rearranging things for the final book, if it helps the story. When I did software development many years ago I liked to break the software into component parts that could be pulled together by a main program calling subroutines/objects/modules/whatever the devil they call a discrete portion of a software program nowadays. As the story builds and the characters begin to interact more it would be more difficult to rearrange things but it works for right now.

I will be changing my writing tools at this point, I have been using the Scrivener software which is supposed to be a great tool for writers to use. I had hoped to get used to it but instead I find myself disliking the interface. I am very used to Word and I realize that I prefer to just dump out words in one long continuous pieces. I also prefer the formatting options for Word, mainly because I am used to them so I will move back to that environment. I think that will help in getting chapters written a little faster, or at least I hope so.

For those who are interested in the story, you can find the next chapter at this link, All of the chapters can be found at this link, This link also includes a section for my previous Notes on Writing, for those who may be interested.