Time for another chapter for my book in progress, “Year 2038 Bug”. I had a nice surprise while writing this chapter, the text flowed smoothly and I didn’t experience a blocking problem when capturing my thoughts. While I have felt the need to set up background for my story in the last few chapters, they have been harder to write and pull together. It was nice to get back to some action in the story and I’m happy with how things ended up.

For this note, here is some information for the time line for the book. The main action will take place in January 2038 when someone takes advantage of the Year 2038 bug to wreak havoc. Before that happens, other events lead up to the main story. I thought that sharing some of those major events might help make more sense of the story while it is in progress. This timeline, like everything else, is a draft and may change before the final book. Events are not intended to be accurate but are based on my interpretation of current world events and things that might result. The Trusted Network, as far as I know, is entirely fictional. If you'd like to skip to the next chapter, this link will take you there: Denver, Colorado - June 22, 2028, 8:15 PM MDT

2005 through 2019 - Undeclared cyberwar, beginning of fixes for 2038 bug due to issues in planning and scheduling software

2019 - Marie Wilson approached about Trusted Network ideas, starts work on defining standards and working with US government

2021 - Second Great Recession, start of deployment of Trusted Network

2022 - Chaos in Europe due to Great Recession, focus on economic and delay of Trusted Network deployment. 2038 bug fixing project starts in order to provide employment around the world by replacing equipment and repairing code.

2023 - Gabrielle Richardson working at Faithful Cyber Security, pitches idea for Trusted Network implementation, idea is rejected by Marie Wilson, Gabrielle must redesign.

2024 through 2025 - World Cyberwar. Trusted Network fully deployed on US military bases and operations, starts deployment on cities within the US. Australia deploying Trusted Network and supporting US efforts.

2025 - South Africa Cyber Treaty, codification of Trusted Network standards and protocols. Setup of Trusted Network certification committee and standards for certification and updates.  Year 2038 bug fix committee setup to coordinate efforts and ensure vital services will be protected.

2027 - Brian Davis leaves Faithful Cyber Security, starts work for the NSA for the newly formed drone and cyber attack teams in preparation for the 2028 election.

2027 through 2028 - Cyberwar/Terrorist operation against US Elections. Trusted Network partially deployed, drone teams and cyber attack teams setup to cover unprotected cities. Jake Donalds is part of a drone team defending US cities from drone attacks, working with Brian Davis at NSA who is defending against cyber attacks.

2028 - US elections complete with certified results from World election authority authorized by South Africa 2025 Cyber Treaty. Europe and Asia deploying Trusted Network.

2031 - India/China/US standoff, peace treaty signed and all parties agree to adjustments to South Africa Cyber Treaty

2031-2036 - Deidre Davis leaves home, moves to San Diego, meets her husband who is serving in San Diego as a Marine in the home defense division. Marries Roberto in 2033, gives birth to Jake Martinez in late  2036.

2032 - 2038 - Completion of Trusted Network by 2035, vital services protected for Year 2038 bug by 2033. Reassessment of technology, start of new wave of startups working with the Trusted Network environment.

2037 - The little Recession, does not have as large an effect as the 2007-2008 or 2021-2023 recessions.

January 2038 - Year 2038 bug appears to shut down most of the electronic devices in the world in spite of the bug fixes.