I’ve finished the section of back story for each character, it helped me in filling out their motivations and character for the main story. Now back to the main story, we join Jake as he tries to figure out what has happened and reports in for duty to help out.

For this part of the story, I realized that I prefer to write about characters who aren’t caught completely off guard or without preparation. So I am setting up a story and a world where similar catastrophes have occurred and people have made preparations for them. This provides me a challenge in coming up with problems that they will have to overcome in spite of their preparation. Basically, I prefer to have characters who plan and use common sense instead of just reacting to life. This applies to the heroes and villains, both sides have planned, each side will have to overcome challenges that overcomes their planning. It will be interesting to see where things end up.

Year 2038 Bug - San Jose - Morning of January 20th, 2038