I’ve posted the next chapter of my Work In Progress (WIP), not a lot to write about at this time. I am slowly plugging through the chapters and it can be challenging to keep track of things due to the time in between publication. Because of this, I wrote a short chapter this time, with less of the actions written out and more description. In other words, I did more telling than showing. I was more interested in getting the story captured for right now and leaving more time to work on the next sections so I can fill up my queue.

Here is a link to the chapter, following the character Marie as she starts analyzing the problem of why the power is off for most of the world. The next two chapters will start to fill in more of that analysis and provide some more information about the people responsible for the electronics failures that have occurred. https://shellcreekpublishing.com/content/boulder-january-20-2038-700-am-mst200-pm-utc