For this installment of The Year 2038 Bug I am a week late on finishing up this chapter. I did finish the initial draft last week but I ran out of steam before I edited the content. For those with an eye for detail, I suspect you wonder if any editing occurs before I publish these chapters. I assure you that it does but it is very light and meant to catch large mistakes. So, standard warning, this is a book in progress and the text may or may not be included in the final version of the book.

As I was setting up this chapter, I had to search for pictures I have for it and I worried that I would be republishing images that I had already included in an article. As I thought about this idea, I also thought about how I tend to repeat themes in my blogs and in my stories. Finally, I looked over the idea of how I notice my repetition, again, and my annoyance at doing the same thing and expecting different results.

I doubt that I will fix my tendency for repetition, all I can do is to keep an eye out, review my notes and work on reducing this trait as much as possible. For the final version of this book I will definitely have help in editing and I will be reviewing the story to tighten it up and clean it up.

For my future self, another item to fix for this chapter is to add in bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation when the power is out. I also plan to add in technical items to all of the story that indicate it takes place in a future 20 years from now. The speculation is light while I focus on the story and what happens with the characters. It will be fun to see what gadgetry I can come up with for the future.

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