With the Fourth of July holiday and a heatwave, I’m running slower than usual on my updates for the blog. As I reviewed the latest chapter for Year 2038 bug, I thought about the next direction for the story. I also thought about the slowness of publishing these chapters once a month, it can be difficult to keep up with the characters and the story. I continue to make notes about parts that will need filling out for the final version. Once I finish with some of my other projects, I will sit down and work on more of the chapters but for right now this publishing schedule is working for me.

Part of the reason for the slowness is that I am working on a another book. I am editing the sequel that John wrote for his first book, “Doing the E.T. Tango” and a section of the book required some rewriting. I have reached a section that doesn’t require as much editing so I am moving a little faster, but not as fast as I’d like. I have to remind myself, I am making progress and these projects will eventually get finished, one of these days. I have also published two blog articles a month for over a year, so that is also progress of a different kind.

 In the meantime, enjoy the new chapter. In this one, Gabrielle starts the next phase of her project Year 2038 bug, and using human flaws to keep things chaotic. Year 2038 Bug - Unknown Location - January 20, 2038 01:13 UTC