A very large model of a red wagon, the radio flyer wagon in a children's playground surrounded by pine trees with a slide in the front for the handle

Since I tend to write about seasonal events, it is easy for me to repeat topics. Especially this time of year as we move into the start of the school season which moves into the holiday season. Each time I do that, I want to write of something different, but it can be hard to shift out of path that is well trod.

Water sprinkler shaped liked a tractor sitting in a lush, green lawn.

There are change occurring in daily life that have me thinking about ways to be innovative and to look for new opportunities. It find it difficult to explore those options when I feel that I have a fairly comfortable life. Yet a part of me wants to achieve more somehow, although I’m not always sure of what the ‘more’ is that I want to achieve. When I was younger I had a desire for fame and fortune. As I’ve grown older and perhaps added some wisdom, I am more interested in the experience of living. This experience includes exploring my interests in ways that I haven’t in many years and sharing life experiences with others.

Empty, orange tourist bus with seats position around a table on the bus, sitting in front of a restaurant

I’m not sure where this exploration will lead me, but I expect certain parts of my life to change. Change and innovation is risky and brings a chance of failure. Change can also bring new opportunities and a chance for success in new areas. I suspect it’s time to take a risk, again. A difficult step when I’ve gotten comfortable, so I make changes slowly. I suspect my approach is a slight improvement from when I used to rush in and regret my decisions later. :-)

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