For the last three years, I have been working out. I have gradually improved my fitness level and I continue with my workouts for three days a week now. It hasn't been easy but the improvements in my mental and physical condition have been worth the price.

Yesterday, I went for my warm up run in order to loosen up before I start my workout. For the first time in my life, I can run a mile without stopping to walk or rest. I even look forward to this ritual as I feel my body working, legs moving, arms pumping, and lungs pulling in air.

I was forced to take a break in these runs this fall when I had an injured ankle that didn't improve. I am still learning what I can and can't do, after a life of inactivity, I finally realized that I had been pushing too much and eased up . After a month of less strenuous workouts, my leg finally recovered and over the last month I have been ramping up again. I am grateful to have my legs working again, even if I have more to do to improve.

What made yesterday's run special was the bright, sunny morning and the rainbow that was in the sky above me. As I ran, I could see a half rainbow, by the time I had finished my run, the rainbow made a half circle across the sky. It had to stretch on some parts, there were only wispy clouds, but somehow, it made it through. After a rough year, the image of this rainbow gradually stretching and completing itself gave me a little hope and lifted my heart for a bit. It is all too easy to pass by the beauty that is in our world.

I was also grateful to have new windshield wipers during our rainy day. It is very nice to see clearly out of my windshield as I drive.