It's a Sunday evening, and I'm enjoying some quiet time after a somewhat busy weekend. The quiet is unusual, I can usually hear a TV, my son bouncing around the house or some other noise but all is quiet, for the moment.
Yesterday, my husband and I were working in the yard, cleaning up some items and taking care of a mouse/rat problem in our tool storage area outside. Baking was finished for the week, and it wasn't my weekend for house cleaning, so it was nice to spend some time in the yard, I don't do that often enough.
I find it somewhat odd to post about my feeling of hominess on a computer which I think many people view as the opposite of that feeling. Yet, this technology is not going away, it will just evolve over time. I do enjoy sharing moments like this with others, I hope it provides a sense of a safe place for others.
Quiet time is over, my son is down here and ready to talk. Have a good Sunday evening, whether it's quiet or filled with the noise of life. :-)